Monday, October 18, 2010

3 Libertarian Candidates to Conduct a Raid er... Roadtrip to Athens Tomorrow Night


Libertarian candidates for Insurance Commissioner Shane Bruce, US Senate Chuck Donovan and LT Governor Dan Barber will be attending the Athens LP affiliate meeting at the Blind Pig Tavern, 485 Baldwin Street, Athens, GA 30605 tomorrow night starting around 7:00PM. It is unheard of  for three statewide candidates to appear anywhere in Georgia at the same place and time but the Georgia Libertarians have made this happen over and over this election cycle.

The candidates will be speechifyin', FlipCamin', cabalin' and generally spreading the good word about Liberty courtesy of Athens LP Honcho Doug Harman and the rest of the merry crew. Want to talk Liberty? Come on Down! Want to rail against the status quo? Join the chorus! If you don't do another political thing this election cycle, head out to the Blind Pig Tavern and get a taste of revolution in the raw.

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