Saturday, September 4, 2010

WALB/RayCom Media Debacle Update

20 hours and counting.

The news broke yesterday that WALB TV 10 down in Albany had scored a major coup this political season with a debate between the candidates for Governor. Unfortunately, the news staff/marketing team didn't manage to get past the letter "D" on the candidate list over at the SecStates website and forgot to ask Libertarian John Monds if his schedule would allow him to attend.

The Albany debate is scheduled for 19 OCT 10 so there's plenty of time to persuade the fine folks over at RayCom that their decision making process is somewhat flawed. Instead of using the "top two" criteria for censoring the public's information flow, perhaps they might consider the "Who's not under investigation" model or even the "Who got the Most Votes in 2008" methodology to pick participants for the debate.

Bottom line, there are three candidates in the race, you know it, I know it and so does the crew at WALB. If there's gonna be a televised debate for that broadcast region, all three should be there to be scrutinized by the voting public. Failure to insure that is the case is not acceptable and should the subject of an unending stream of FCC complaints against that license holder.

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