Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Libertarian Chuck Donovan's Latest Endorsement

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ATLANTA, GA – August 16, 2010 – Former U.S. Congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate Bob Barr today announced his endorsement of Libertarian Chuck Donovan running for U.S. Senate. The Donovan for Senate campaign is proud to receive such an endorsement. Bob Barr is well known figure in third party politics ever since he left the Republican Party in 2006 to join the Libertarian Party.

“Both our basic liberties and prosperity are increasingly at risk because of policies implemented by both of the two major monopoly parties.” said Barr. “Instead of giving us free markets, Washington puts taxpayers on the hook for bailouts. Instead of reforming crippling entitlements, Washington expands them.”

“There is not only a budget deficit in Washington, but also a severe deficit of leadership, and unless we start electing people like Chuck Donovan, our Constitution and Bill of Rights will become nothing more than footnotes in history.”

Chuck responded, “I have had the great fortune to get to know Bob personally. I am proud to know him, and even prouder to receive his endorsement. Bob is well known as a tenacious and uncompromising defender of fiscal responsibility, civil liberties, and constitutional government. To be acknowledged by him this way is a confirmation that our campaign is set upon solid principles. It is a meaningful and welcome addition of credibility to this campaign.”

Donovan is promoting fiscal responsibility as the cornerstone of his campaign. “I believe that our national debt is the biggest concern for our country,” says Donovan. “Based on the spending record of those currently in Washington, and the continued deficit spending that the Republican and Democratic candidates support, Georgians who call themselves fiscally responsible really cannot honestly give their vote to either of the other candidates.”

The Donovan Campaign has been reaching out to disenchanted voters on both sides, who understand the mainstream parties are not representing their interests. Now they have a viable choice for representation in the U.S. Senate.

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