Thursday, September 30, 2010

Libertarian Candidate for Commissioner of Insurance Shane Bruce Has Filed his 30 SEP 10 SEC Report

Notice I'm not late with my report, Ralph.

I just finished complying with the State Ethics Commission requirement to furnish financial data on the state of my campaign and could not help but note that nether of my opponents have gotten it done yet. I find it interesting that the republican and democrat candidates are pursuing the normal strategy of delaying the 30 SEPT 10 report until the window closes on 7 OCT 10 in an attempt to inflate their fundraising numbers.

Most campaigns do that kind of crap in an attempt to influence the election by portraying their fundraising efforts as a sort of poll that reflects a groundswell of support that will translate into victory at the ballot box. Right. To me, it's like getting your buddy at work to punch you in before you get there, it's a lie, it's cheating and it just ain't right.

So here's a new wrinkle folks. I have $225 bucks in my warchest for this election and I really don't think it's gonna get much bigger. I did have two supporters that wanted to know how they could send me $20 bucks this month but I told them to put the moola into the John Monds Aerial Banner that Doug Harman and the Athens LP will be flying at the Georgia Tennessee game this Saturday. It's a great stunt that harkens back to days of pre TV campaigning, and I applaud the guys and gals in Athens for thinking it up and making it happen.

But back to the $225 thing, I challenge my erstwhile opponents to dump their campaign donations into a suitable charity and finish this race with $225 like I'm gonna do. I double dog dare you.

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