Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Big Will the Crowd be at Tonights Agricultural Commisioner Debate at Emory?

Overflow crowds, baby, overflow crowds.

Who would have thought that a debate between the candidates for Agriculture Commissioner could have filled up the Tull Auditorium at Emory and they'd have to lay on overflow rooms? Not me. But it's happened and the Georgia Organics site is still taking RSVP's for tonights shindig.

It'll also be streamed live on the internet so hopefully even more people will be able to watch the fireworks once the show starts. I know it's early in the season and the Labor Day weekend is looming before us but if you're gonna go for a stay-cation and be in the area, you might want to hit this event.

I'll be there with the trusty flip-cam looking for video opportunities and supporting fellow candidate Kevin Cherry as he locks horns with the other candidates on sustainable, locally grown food products here in Georgia. Show your support as well and Come On Down!

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