Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Democrat candidate for Insurance Commissioner Mary Squires is Finally Doing Something

Big News in the Insurance Race Folks.

Democrat Mary Squires is calling a press conference tomorrow at 1:00PM on the Washington Street side of the capital steps to throughly lambaste republican Ralph Hudgens for attempting to remove state mandated health coverage that supposedly protects women and their kids. 

Wait a freakin' minute, did Ralph really try to strip some of the 45 insurance mandates out of Georgia law? Really? Which ones? And did he help push the Heart Transplant mandate through or try to stop that one too? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's a good sign that one of the contenders for the Office of Insurance Commissioner is doing something public. There's only 38 shopping days left until it's time to pick Georgia's next Insurance Commissioner and I'm really hoping that I get the gig. Ralph's riding in the insurance lobby pocket like a baby Kangaroo and Mary's gonna speechify on the Capitol steps tomorrow.  I'll be appearing alive and in person at the Libertarian Party Booth at the North Georgia Fair Saturday night. Guess which one of us you can actually talk to in person? You know, when you're not at work and stuff.

A great big old hat tip to Blog for Democracy even though they don't return emails.

From their site:

Insurance Commissioner Candidate Mary Squires Calls on Ralph Hudgens to Stop Blaming Women for High Costs of Insurance

ATLANTA, GA.  Senator and Insurance Commissioner Candidate Ralph Hudgens has a history of attempting to remove State insurance mandates that protect women, children, and their families.  Sen. Hudgens has even gone as far as blaming women and female legislators for the high cost of insurance.
On Wednesday September 29th join Mary Squires and women from across the state as she calls on Ralph Hudgens to stop using women’s healthcare as a scapegoat for high insurance costs.
Who:  Mary Squires, Jane Kidd
What: Mary Squires Press Conference Standing up for Women’s Healthcare
When: Wednesday September 29th at 1pm
Where: Steps of the State Capitol – Washington St. side, weather permitting

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