Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot for Libertarian John Monds

FaceBook is wonderful thing.

I'm just back from Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State David Chastain's fundraiser today and what do I see on FaceBook? A nifty article over at The Free-Independent-Sun by Jack Wagner that speculates on possible reasons for the exclusion of third party candidates from the standard polls we see during the campaign season. I'm a poll junkie so I tried to add my two cents, but was unable to log-in. As I've stated before, my cyber-ninja skills are weak.

Never one to let a good post go to waste, I've reproduced it here at Bludgeon & Skewer for the readership. Head over and read the original article as it is excellent food for thought. Then take action!

Greetings All,

In interesting compilation of facts on recent Rasmussen polling here in Georgia. A a fellow Libertarian Candidate for statewide office here in Georgia, I have watched with glee as "undecided" and "other" have reached numbers as high as 68% of poll respondents as this election has played out. I believe your assessment of standard polling practices is spot on but offer an alternative rational for the exclusion of Libertarian and other third party candidates from these regular injections of "fact" into the campaign cycle.

We Libertarians do not commission polls in Georgia. Polling operations are businesses first and "barometers" of public opinion second. Like traditional media, polling operations are part and parcel of the parasitic drag that has high jacked the political process and made it the preserve of the existing well heeled republican-democrat duopoly. If you won't pay, they won't play.

Are polls that do not reflect the candidates who are listed on the ballot legitimate? Certainly not. Are polls high minded public service information providers? Absolutely not. They are in the employ of the candidates who pay them. Are the media mavens who wave their results to and fro in attempts to influence the outcomes of elections unbiased? You tell me.

I do not know the other candidates mentioned in your article, but I do know Libertarian John Monds. He is an honorable man, trustworthy and resolute in his purpose. He has begun his historic long march to November and needs your support to get there. Visit his website and learn more about the man. Go to his FaceBook page and join with the community of other citizens who have decided that he is the best choice for Georgia this year. With your support he can achieve results for Liberty.


Shane Bruce
Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner of Georgia

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