Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looks Like Direct Action Works

It took about 7 hours start to finish.

Update time Folks. The Georgia Public Policy Partnership forum has had an event scheduled to provide the citizens of Georgia with an opportunity to hear from candidates for the post of Superintendent of Schools. No biggie, the only problem was that they did not invite Libertarian Kira Willis to attend. That was this morning, this afternoon the story is different because of the actions of concerned individuals that helped the Policy Partnership change their plans. With a gentle nudge.

Congratulations to Kira Willis for being un-excluded from tomorrows Georgia Public Partnership Forum down at Georgia tech.

A snappy salute to Libertarian Operations Director Brett Bittner for mobilizing said Direct Action effort that resulted in justice being done. I received two text alerts today that included phone numbers, names and topics for discussion. It was like a social media flash mob and just plain fun. This is the kind of politics we need to employ this year in Georgia.

While we're talking about effective direct action let's be sure to include the Athens Libertarian AM radio effort to make sure that local talk shows hear from Libertarians every time the topic is politics. That sort of individual action and initiative will make the difference for Libertarians this year.

The readership is encouraged to attend the event and show your support for Kira Willis at the forum.

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