Thursday, August 19, 2010

Libertarian John Monds was Included in the Latest WSB/Insider advantage Poll

He should be smiling.

Epic news on the polling front folks, looks like Libertarian John Monds has broken through the outer entrenchments of the poll barrier and is in the hunt. The latest WSB TV/Insider advantage poll has him at 5% with 9% undecided making a whopping 14% of respondents that just don't care for the Brand X republican and democrat offerings.

It's time to take to the blog-o-sphere and post your version of this epic bit of news far and wide. I've already taken the opportunity over at the AJC's Georgia Elections Central and urge the readership to pile on.

Here's my breadcrumbs:

Bludgeon & Skewer

August 19th, 2010
7:22 pm

Greetings All,

Epic News isn’t it? A poll for the Georgia Governors race has been released that includes the Libertarian Candidate John Monds! That has never happened before, it is simply historical. And the icing on the cake is that John is already polling at 5% with a massive 9% of respondents still undecided. 14% of Georgians are saying that the same old same old republican and democrat candidates just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

That’s great news for Liberty folks. And bad news for our brothers and sisters marooned over there in republican/democrat land. The fall is still quite a ways off and there is still time for you consider who’ll you will cast your ballot for this time around. Will you waste your vote on Nathan Deal or Roy Barnes or will you look to the future and cast your vote for Liberty?

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian John Monds for Governor of Georgia!

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