Saturday, August 14, 2010

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate Chuck Donovan Discusses the "Wasted Vote" Syndrome

Wasted Votes?

Chuck Donovan gets it. Vote for your principles, not against your fears. It's a pretty simple choice this fall, republican Johnny Isakson or democrat Micheal Thurmond will do nicely if you insist on more or the same old, same old. If you want to bring change to Georgia, if you insist that future must be better than the present, if you value Liberty and all it's blessings, then Vote for Libertarian Chuck Donovan!

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  1. The reality is that, we're in GA. Like it or not, we have a runoff system. If you vote for who you want - you are NOT wasting a vote...because if the candidate gets 50%+1 they would have gotten it with or without you - and if they don't - there's always a runoff.
    So what happens in Minnesota won't happen here.