Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can Maria Sheffield Beat Ralph "Huggy Bear" Hudgens?

Run off, baby, Run off!

Looks like the Libertarian inspired operation to propel a weak candidate to the top of the heap or near it worked out in the Insurance Commissioner Race. The "Who's got da money?" republican behavior model performed exactly as expected and the top two money holders in the campaign defeated better candidates who couldn't raise the big money. So it goes in republicanland.

The next phase of the operation is to make sure that Ralph and Maria burn up every dime they got trying to win the run off during the next three weeks so that whichever one of the wins, they won't be sitting on a 1000 to 1 cash advantage over my modest Libertarian effort. I can live with a 100 to 1 edge.

The primary is over, the run off has begun so please stick to your guns and let's make sure that the republican nominee is the fair Maria.Remember my dream ticket for this fall

Shane Bruce (L)
Maria Sheffield (R)
Mary Squires (D)

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