Friday, June 25, 2010

Update Time, Looks like the Insurance Commissioner TV Debate is SRO

The TV debate is SRO so it looks like I'm SOL.

A quick update for the readership, I'm not going to attend tonights first and only TV debate between the republican candidates for Insurance Commissioner at the GPTV midtown studios. I got phone call from the fine folks down at the Atlanta Press Club about the debates and it turns out that there is very limited seating. Like 50 seats.

Since I already plan to vote for Maria Sheffield in the primary I feel like I ought to not occupy a seat at the event that an actual voter might want. And the folks at the press club have restricted the candidates entourages for the same purpose. So I'll watch the debates and opine later tonight as to who I think won the debate, But I'm still voting for Maria in the primary and I encourage any other Libertarians who plan on playing in the primaries to do like wise.

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