Sunday, June 20, 2010

Online Polls are a Beautiful Thing

Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

Libertarian candidate for US Senate Chuck Donovan sent out an email today encouraging his readers to take part in an online poll currently running way down there in Florida at Like Georgia, Florida has an Marine Corps veteran named Alex Snitker running for one of it's US Senate seats, and like our Marine Corps veteran running for US Senate, Chuck Donovan, Alex has been consistently ignored by the main stream media even though he will be on the ballot this fall.

Chuck said move to contact, I took action and voted. Here's the kicker, Alex is running #1 in the poll right now out of 814 online votes.

Alex Snitker 46% 378

Marco Rubio 33% 273

Charlie Crist 16% 137

Kendrick Meek 2% 19

Jeff Greene 1% 9

total votes: 816

Boots and Saddles time folks. Two clicks and you can influence politics in the southeast right here and right now. Once you are done go to Chuck's website and hit the donate button. Repeatedly.

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