Monday, June 28, 2010

Libertarian Taylor Bryant is in it to win it in the Augusta School Board Race

Taylor Bryant Gets it.

Our guy Taylor Bryant returns to the field in Augusta to carry the banner of Liberty in the Augusta School Board races this fall. the readership will remember Taylor's epic run in the Special Election for State Senate 22 in Augusta at the first of the year which netted him 9.8% of the vote and caused a runoff. Taylor's actions inspired Libertarian David Montané to enter the Special Election for State Senate 42 and Libertarian Brandon Givens to take a shot at the Special Election in State Senate 49 several months later.

Taylor continues to lead the way for Georgia Libertarians and has set his sights on the local school board race for his next contest. Visit Taylor's FaceBook and friend the man up and volunteer your time and treasure for his efforts!

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