Sunday, June 13, 2010

Libertarian Candidate for State Superintendent of Schools Kira Willis Nabs 32% of the Vote

Way to go Kira!

Libertarian Kira Willis posted a surprisingly strong second place finish in yesterdays online straw poll held by the Georgia Education Alliance that asked the question "Who is your favorite for Georgia's next State Superintendent of Schools?" Yeah it's straw poll, yeah it's online but the fact remains that Kira's supporters outnumber everyone but democrat Brian Westlake. Outstanding for a part time all volunteer effort.

Here are the results from yesterday.

Brian Westlake 53.1%
Kira Willis 32.4%
John Barge 2.4%
Beth Farokhi 6.9%
Joe Martin 5.2%
Richard Woods 0%

Second place is good but first place is what we're shooting for. It's time to head over to Kira's website and drop a dollar or twenty on the donate button and volunteer!

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