Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Diggitty Damn, An Online Poll for Governor that Lists Libertarian John Monds!

Fire that mouse up.

Big news folks, another online poll is out there with a drop dead date of 26 JUN 2010 that actually lets you vote for Libertarian John Monds against a sea of other candidates. Evidently the fine folks over at the Georgia Education Alliance had such a good time with the Superintendent of Schools poll that they decided to put up another one. Good for them!

Here's the results as of right now:

Thank you for voting!
Thurbert Baker 2%
Roy Barnes 10%
Bill Bolton <1%
Carl Camon 0%
Jeff Chapman 6%
Nathan Deal 18%
Karen Handel 4%
Eric Johnson 2%
Randall Mangham 0%
Ray McBerry 1%
John Monds 7%
John Oxendine 3%
Dubose Porter 17%
David Poythress 29%
Otis Putnam 1%

I personally like the fact that our guy is leading 10 other candidates and is in the hunt with the rest. Please note that candidates Porter, Poythress and Barnes are ahead as is Nathan "Stinky" Deal so far. Time to head over and cast your vote for Liberty by clicking the button for John Monds. Lets drive his total to number one by this Saturday!

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  1. Update time, John Monds is at 9%! a two point gain in 7 hours!