Monday, June 28, 2010

Geeze Louise, looks like I won't make it to the Hi Caliber Turkey Shoot

Bummer Dude.

I got mega excited last Friday upon learning about the Turkeyshoot today at the Hi Caliber Indoor Range and Gunshop way up in Holly Springs. The dealio was that each shooter would plunk down $50 bucks for 5 shots out of one of the gunshops Glock rental battery pistols on a 52 card target. Top hand wins the match and the match prize is a Head Down Products XPR-15 rifle, pretty sweet prize.

As it turns out my schedule will not allow the planned sidetrip to Holly Springs today. Again, Bummer Dude. But that doesn't mean that any of the pistol packin' readership that lives a little closer to the match shouldn't take a shot at winning the prize. Keep in mind that it is a fundraiser for an incumbent republican sponsored by none other than Speaker Ralston and Senate Majority Leader Chip Rodgers, so if you go, win that freakin' rifle!

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