Sunday, June 13, 2010

Diebold Strikes Again in South Carolina

And you think this can't happen in Georgia? Think again, we have the same kind of unverifiable Diebold electronic voting machines.

From the indefatigable Garland Favorito:

VoterGA Supporters,

By now you may have heard that Alvin Greene, an unemployed 13 year military veteran defeated Vic Rawl, a four term former state representative in the South Carolina U.S. Senate Democratic primary race. Greene, who was declared the victor by roughly a 59-41% margin is expected to challenge incumbent Republican Senator Jim DeMint in November. What you may not have heard is that Alvin Greene had almost no funds, ran no advertisements, produced no yard signs, conducted no state wide tours, attended almost no Democratic Party events and did not even establish a web site. Green was unknown even to his opponent and less than articulate as demonstrated by his video clips. What you also may not have heard is that there was a double digit discrepancy between the absentee ballot results and electronic vote totals. For example, in Lancaster County, Rawl won the verifiable absentee ballot count by 86% to 14% while Greene won the unverifiable electronic vote count by about 58% to 41%. The local and national news media has largely suppressed these details of this bizarre election and have offered no explanation of how someone who essentially ran no campaign at all could win a statewide race..

But the story gets even more bizarre. South Carolina Democratic Party chairwoman, Carol Fowler, began attacking Greene immediately after his “victory”. She called for his withdrawal on the grounds that he may be tried for showing obscene internet photos to a female college student in a computer lab at the University of South Carolina. (Yes, I know that makes little sense). The media is quick to report this part of the story and even emphasizes the point that the charge could somehow be considered a “felony”. It is particularly interesting that Carol Fowler has offered no assistance to Vic Rawl in his examination and potential challenge of the electronic voting results.

A third bizarre aspect of the election is why Greene would put up $10,000 of his limited personal funds for the filing fee and where did he get that money since he is unemployed. More details on this election, which is likely to become ongoing saga, are available in the article by Brad Friedman below.

South Carolina has 100% unverifiable electronic voting equipment manufactured by Election Systems & Software (ES&S). ES&S recently purchased Premier Elections Systems from Diebold in a deal that allowed them to supply almost 70% of American’s voting machines.

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So head out to VoterGa.Org and get the full story.

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