Thursday, May 20, 2010

Undecided has Huge Lead in The Republican Primary for Governor!

Major Earned Media Time.

Perennial favorite, Undecided, clobbered his competition in the latest Insider Advantage/WSB TV-3 poll released yesterday. This unsung, unfunded and non existent candidate picked up 8% from his April poll position which pegged him at 31% to a dominating 39% in this latest survey.

Undecided's surge to the lead over actual republicans John Oxendine, Nathan "Stinky" Deal and Karen Handel was attributed to the increased TV news presence of candidates causing concern and confusion among likely republican primary voters. The more they see of the choices they have, the less they like it.

Not to worry however. By the middle of June those republican candidates with enough funding to start running TV ads will eviscerate Undecided's lead as the voters start to compromise with their principals and pick the least worst candidate to lead the republican brand this fall.

Over all, that's good news for Liberty. We're still hoping that Nathan "Stinky" Deal will win the day over there in republicanland and that King Roy will get the the democratic nod to set up the most contentious Gubernatorial election Georgia has seen in recent years. One ex-democrat turned republican against one ex-governor against Libertarian John Monds.

Could it get any better that that?

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