Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shane Bruce, Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner Responds to the Tea Party Voter Guide

Q & A Time Folks.

Just in from Georgia LP HQ, a request for information for a voter guide being compiled by the Tea Party of Georgia. I'm not sure which one of the Tea Party subsets these guys and gals represent but the questions seemed reasonable if a bit heavy on health insurance.

Here's the response from my campaign.

Ms. Stanton,

The LP Operations Director, Brett Bittner, forwarded your email to me. It seems from the specific questions that these are policy questions for the candidates for the Office of Insurance Commissioner this year in Georgia.

First order of business, the name is Shane Bruce, not Bruce Shane.

Your questions. Please note that each is provided with a yes or no as requested and additional info as I see fit.

Reduce spending: Yes. That is one of the three fundamental elements of Libertarianism. Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom.
Reduce fees and taxes: Yes. See answer number one.
States’ Rights: Yes. Only as a subset of the rights of the individual citizen. Are any of the amendments after the 10th Amendment real?
Purchasing insurance across state lines: Yes. The citizens of Georgia must be freed from the Insurance plantation.
Obama Care: No. Obama Care is another intrusion by the federal government into the lives of Georgia citizens and must be stopped.
Establishing risk pools: Yes. Georgia already has a high risk pool that is unfunded. It is not perfect but it is a start.
Establishing coverage by menu: Yes. Each citizen of Georgia should be able to pick and choose the coverages they want and not be dictated to by the state in the form of mandates.
Portability: Yes. The citizen is the user of insurance products. The citizen pays for this directly or indirectly but the coverage is his. If he leaves one employment situation for another his policy coverage should go with him.

I appreciate the Tea Party's interest in these matters but urge you to also look at some of the other functions of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. What do the members of the Tea Party think about Georgia's hidden insurance premium tax? What is their opinion on payday loan operators? Do they think the statewide Fire Safety program as is currently constituted adequate for the job or in need of additional funding and staff?

As a first time politician and long term Libertarian I am interested in establishing communications channels with as many like minded Georgians as possible. Thanks for your inquiry and if you need more info, pick up the phone and call me. Or go to the campaign FaceBook page or my blog and see what's happening today.


Shane Bruce
Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner!/pages/Shane-Bruce/111977342173440?ref=ts

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