Friday, May 7, 2010

A Message from Libertarian David Montané

Time is running out.

Here's a message from Libertarian Candidate for State Senate District 42, David Montané. He needs your help this weekend to do little walking around and help in spreading the word to vote for Liberty next Tuesday.

Here's the message:

Hey, prospective volunteers –

The election is on Tuesday!

The debate last Sunday made it clear that I am the only candidate talking about Smaller Government and Lower Taxes. I said that since Education is 60% of the state budget, I would look first to see how we can trim that budget. While not disputing how overwhelming the Education budget is, all 3 of the others said they want more Education. Jason Carter called using our tax money for Education an “investment”. It was clear to the audience that all 3 would need to raise taxes to support their Education goals.

This makes me the CLEAR CHOICE for fiscal conservatives. The other candidates will cancel out each other’s votes. Obviously, my odds of winning outright with over 50% of the votes is laughable, and Jason Carter has a well-known name and a lot of money. So I see three possibilities for me in this race:
- 1. Jason Carter wins, with no runoff.

- 2. Jason Carter and Tom Stubbs are in a runoff together and they both spend a bunch of Democratic money against each other.

- 3. Jason Carter and I are in a runoff together, giving me and the Libertarian Party national attention for four weeks.

Our goal right now should be to see how far down this list we can get. Appealing to the traditionally Republican voting precincts is the only sure way to reach fiscal conservatives, whether they are Republicans, libertarians, independents or undecided.

Last Saturday Chris, Roxanne, Aaron, Connie and I made good progress in the top 3 target precincts, in just 2 sessions. But we did not finish putting out flyers in any of the 3 and there are over 15 on our list. (Thanks to quick thinking by Chris, the libertarian owner of the Famous Pub took a bunch of flyers and a couple of yard signs to put out in his neighborhood!. Chris also put out a number of yard signs, including one in the window of the cigar shop in downtown Decatur.)

I plan to have 4 sessions this weekend: From 2:00 to 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, from 10:00 to 12:30 Sunday morning, then from 2:00 to 4:00 and 4:30 to 6:30 Sunday afternoon. Any who do at least two of those sessions wins a dinner and a drink at Famous Pub after the last session. (The Famous Pub is our gathering place.)

Please let me know when you can make it. Rose, I will arrange a ride back and forth from Agnes Scott – just tell me when you can do this. Matthew, I will pay $20 for your gas to and from Augusta (plus buy you dinner and a drink), if you can come on Sunday.

I’m not asking you to do this for me, but please, do it for LIBERTY!

Best wishes,

David Montané, Decatur
Candidate for GA Senate Dist 42

"Vote for the BEST, not the LEAST WORST!"

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