Sunday, May 23, 2010

Late Breaking News from the Hardest Working Single Issue Activist in Georgia, Garland Favorito


I just got back from seeing Ironman and whats waiting in the inbox? The latest press release from Garland Favorito, one of Georgia's true sons of Liberty. What's it about? Republican Candidate for Governor Karen "I Quit" Handel and her Henchettes. Is it long? You betcha. Is it detailed? Sure is. Will it take some time to fact check? Yup.

Bottom line here at Bludgeon & Skewer is that we'll put up this massive missive as soon as we make sure Garland's t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. Which has always been the case in the past.

You say you can't wait? Head over to Voter Georgia and get on the man's email list like we are.

Here's a teaser:

Drop by this Tuesday for the first segment, it's a real corker!

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