Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Blogger Shane Bruce" holds Page 1 ranking out of 2,590,000 results on Google


It's always amazing in this digital age when you get around to Googling your own name. That's when you find out that contrary to what your mother told you, you're not all that special, there's thousands of cats running around with your name. And the Shane Bruce's of this world are a very busy bunch. There's a filmmaker, a couple of professors and lots of other guys but I appear to be the only blogger running for statewide office as a Libertarian. For now.

Here's the skinny on some of my erstwhile opponents for the Insurance Commissioner gig:

"Democrat Mary Squires" Page one ranking out of 111,000 results

"Republican Maria Sheffield" Page one ranking out of 1,420,000 results

"Republican Ralph Hudgens" Page one ranking out of 769,000 results

"Republican Gerry Purcell" Page one rank out of 735,000 results

"Republican Stephen Northington" Page one ranking out of 22,900 results

"Republican Seth Harp" Page one ranking out of 488,000 results

"Republican Tom Knox" Page one ranking out of 75,300 results

"Republican Rick Collum" Page one ranking out of 821,000 results

"Republican John Mamalakis" Page one ranking out of 1,400 results

So in light of this important information I call on my opponents to fold their tents and leave the field. Google has spoken.

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