Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big Dave Montané, Libertarian Candidate for State Senate 42 gets quoted over at Decatur News Online!

The Fat Lady is about to sing Folks.

It's short hair time in this Special Election, we've got 6 days left before the voters of the 42nd trudge to the polls to pick the interim Senator for the district. There have been two candidate forums, one candidate survey and a couple of posts on the more mainline Decatur Blogs about the race. Aside from Bludgeon & Skewer, Decatur News Online has had the best coverage of the race so far. They have an excellent article up today about the last forum held Sunday night at Congregation Beth Jacob and the readership should take a look.

We've been the only blog to offer video of our preferred candidate, David Montané, as he conducted a shoestring campaign against the Jason Carter Juggernaut to advance the cause of Liberty. David is the only candidate in this race that was willing to put his views and opinions online for the voters of the 42nd to weigh and evaluate. Have you seen one video statement from any of the other candidates? Neither have we.

So David will continue to campaign through this weekend and then he and the rest of us will await the publics verdict on Tuesday night. Will David win clean? Will Jason win clean? Will there be a run-off? Who will be in it? The answers will be discovered Tuesday night.

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