Monday, April 19, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the Political Insider

Meddling time Folks,

Big Jim Galloway over at the Political Insider has a post up about Micheal Thurmond's entry into the US Senate race in Georgia and still can't remember basic history. Now he's crediting Jim Martin with causing the 2008 run off against Saxby Chambliss when any one with a moderate grasp of history knows it was Libertarian Allen Buckley who accomplished that dastardly deed. You can't have a run off in a two way race, just a winner and a loser.

We've left some bread crumbs and invite the readership to take the time to head over there and add some more gems to the pile, but before you do, check the adsense side bar and see if your favorite georgia politician has any ads up. If so, click 'em! It's the fun and easy way to influence politics in Georgia right here and right now!

Here's the post:

Greetings All,

The entrance of Micheal Thurmond into the democrat primary for Georgia's US Senate race is making the guys and gals here at the Secret Underground Libertarian Command Center get all misty eyed with remembrances of the US Senate race in 2008. Contrary to Mr. Galloway's opinion, democrat Jim Martin did not cause the run-off in 2008, he simply benefited from it. Libertarian Allen Buckley's presence on the ticket prevented good ol' Saxby from winning the race clean and the 127,000 Georgian's who cast their ballots for liberty that day went to sleep that night knowing they had done the right thing.

The stew is mixing up nicely for this cycle. The state and national democrat machine has ushered in Mr Thurmond as the candidate of preference while the snubbing their lone declared candidate, RJ Hadley. Will Mr Hadley withdraw or will there be a democrat primary fight? Additionally, the postings on the various and sundry political blogs here in Georgia of a conservative nature indicate that many conservatives would like to see Senator Isakson challenged as well. We're all for that!

Here's a bold prediction for this years US Senate race. Libertarian Chuck Donovan will follow in the footsteps of Allen Buckley and call our esteemed sitting Senator out on a variety of issues during this campaign cycle. He will also garner enough support to force a run-off in this election by preventing republican Johnny Isakson from getting to 50% +1, just like 2008. And maybe do even better than that.

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