Sunday, April 4, 2010

The State of the Race on FaceBook Update #1

It's Update Time for the Facebook Project,

Here's the first update for the Facebook project wherein we look at the number of fans our local politicians have on their respective FaceBook sites. There was some controversy from last weeks initial post because all of the candidates were not included and that controversy will extend into this weeks post because many still aren't. C'est La.

Here's the updated info:

State Senate 42 Special Election
democrat Jason Carter 1,598 fans 4APR10 1612 Fans +14
Libertarian David Montané 5 fans 4APR10 8 Fans +3
democrat Tom Stubbs No FaceBook Fan Page 4APR10 still no page
independent Steve Patrick No FaceBook Fan Page

US Senate Race
Libertarian Chuck Donovan 117 friends 4APR10 221 Fans +104 Fans
republican Johnny Isakson 5,838 fans 4APR10 5919 Fans +81 Fans
democrat RJ Hadley 347 fans 4APR10 419 Fans +72 Fans

Georgia Governor's Race
Libertarian John Monds 346 fans 4APR10 349 Fans +3 Fans
democrat Roy Barnes 2,132 fans 4APR19 2178 Fans +46 Fans
republican John Oxendine 3,361 fans 4APR10 3474 Fans +13 Fans
republican Karen Handel 3,450 fans 4APR10 3491 Fans +41 Fans
republican Nathan Deal 3,697 fans 4APR10 3730 Fans +33 Fans
republican Ray McBerry 419 fans 4APR10 423 Fans +4 Fans
republican Austin Scott 2,790 fans 4APR10 3143 Fans +353 Fans
republican Eric Johnson 2,856 fans 4APR10 3028 Fans +172 Fans

Georgia Secretary of State
Libertarian David Chastain 127 fans 4APR10 129 Fans +2 Fans
republican Brian Kemp 1.664 fans 4APR10 1705 Fans +41 Fans
republican Doug McGinnitie 1,772 fans 4APR10 1852 Fans +80 Fans
democrat Darryl Hicks 234 fans 4APR10 234 Fans No Change
democrat Gail Buckner No FaceBook Fan page 4APR10 Still No FaceBook Fan page
democrat Gary Horlacher 58 fans 4APR10 58 Fans No Change
democrat Micheal Mills 583 fans 4APR10 608 Fans +25 Fans

Labor Commissioner
Libertarian Will Costa 174 fans 4APR10 233 Fans +59 Fans
republican Melvin Everson 251 fans 4APR10 253 Fans +2 Fans

Superintendent of Schools
Libertarian Kira Willis 334 fans 4APR10 379 Fans +45 Fans
democrat Beth Farokhi 426 members 4APR10 427 Members +1 member
democrat Brian Westlake 372 fans 4APR10 415 Fans +43 Fans
republican John Barge 303 fans 4APR10 308 Fans +5 Fans
republican Kathy Cox 469 fans 4APR10 577 Fans +108 Fans
republican Richard Woods 451 members 4APR10 451 members No Change
republican Rodger Hines No FaceBook page 4APR10 Still no FaceBook Fan Page

So there you have it, some changes from last week, no declines noted and the winner of the most new fans for a Libertarian Candidate is US Senate candidate Chuck Donovan with a whopping 104 new Fans! Way to go Chuck!

Stop back by next week and see how the informal FaceBook Fan Page Counter (FFPC) is doing for your candidate, and while you're here be sure to visit our sponsors over on the Adsense bar. If you see and ad for a politician you really don't like, go ahead and click it! It's the fun and easy way to influence politics in Georgia right here and right now!

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