Saturday, April 17, 2010

Libertarian Will Costa is Sitting Pretty for the Labor Commissioner Gig

Strategy review time kids,

The big news this week as that current Commissioner of Labor, democrat Michael Thurmond, has agreed to be a sacrificial lamb for the democrat side of the house this fall in Georgia. Rumors are flying all over the state that the DC democrat cabal has promised him wads of cash and a secure sinecure when he loses to incumbent US Senator Johnny Isakson in November. Why did the state democrat party wait until the last minute to throw poor old Michael Thurmond to the wolves? Probably because the pollsters and the analysts and the donors are convinced that Roy Barnes needs a black man on the ticket for US Senate to try to rally the democrat urban base to the polls this fall. And he does.

So Mike's gonna convert the $40K sitting in his campaign coffers as of the 31 MAR 10 filing to the new effort to be a US Senator, theoretically cash will flow in from all over hell and gone and somehow he'll be sitting at parity with Isakson come September. That means he's gonna need about $6-7 Million Dollars and there just ain't that kind of money sitting still in Georgia.

The tragic thing about this machine democrat move is that they have a guy named RJ Hadley out of Rockdale County who has declared his intentions and has been doing the grunt work. Lots of grunt work, the kind of grunt work that wins elections. Unfortunately, RJ doesn't seem to be able to raise money and we Libertarians can really understand that. We suck at fundraising too.

But that's not the point of this particular post. With Micheal out of the race there are only two candidates in the running for the Commissioner of Labor. Republican Melvin Everson and Libertarian Will Costa. It's almost certain that the state democrat party will find some hack someplace to throw into that race by the filing deadline, but then again, they couldn't fill the US Senate seat until just now. So from a strategic point of view, having a republican and a Libertarian on the ballot for Labor Commissioner this fall is a godsend.

How does Melvin stack up to Will Costa money wise? Melvin has a shade over $9,600 in the campaign kitty and Will has yet to post any numbers. The filing fee alone for Labor Commissioner is $3,647.11 or about a third of the cash Melvin has on hand as of 31 MAR 10. The killer joke to us over here in Liberty Land is that republican and democrat candidates have to pay the qualifying fee to their state parties. What a Hoot! Us Libertarians might not be able to shower our candidates with cash for the campaign, but we will pay their freakin' filing fees.

So in essence this Labor Commissioner's race will start in a dead-heat. That's not the norm for Libertarians in any race so this should be interesting all the way to the finish, especially if there is no democrat on the ballot. Does anyone remember the 2008 PSC race with John Monds? Repeat time!

So we'd like the readership to do a few simple things. First head over to Will Costa's FaceBook Fan Page and fan the man up. Then if you're inclined, contact his campaign and volunteer!

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