Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Libertarian Party of Georgia fields candidates in All Statewide Races!

Huge News Folks,

The Libertarian Party of Georgia's annual convention is over as of yesterday and the big news is that the party has a candidate in every single state wide race this fall. I'm proud to be one of those candidates and here's the list:

Governor: John Monds
US Senate: Chuck Donovan
Lt. Governor: Rhonda Martini
Attorney General: Don Smart
Secretary of State: David Chastain
School Superintendent: Kira Willis
Insurance Commissioner: Shane Bruce
Agriculture Commissioner: Kevin Cherry
Labor Commissioner: William Costa
PSC (2nd District): Jim Sendelbach

We've got the facebook addresses listed in the Candidates block over on the sidebar or you can just click through from here. Head over and fan everybody up and see if one of the guys or gals merit your support. These are Libertarians and we all will run lean campaigns so we need your help. Here's a wish list from David Chastain that'll give you an idea of the magnitude of the work:

Wish List
Facebook Manager
Twitter Manager
Graphics specialist

Any and all help will move the banner of Liberty closer to the goal line, so stop itchin' and start pitchin'!

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