Friday, April 23, 2010

Libertarian David Montané on Transportation Issues in Decatur News Online Article

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Libertarian David Montané recently took part in an innovative survey conducted by the fine folks over at Decatur News Online that will be published as a series from now until election day on the 11th of May. All four candidates were were asked to respond to a series of questions about the issues here in the 42nd State Senate district and their responses provide a lot of food for thought.

The first installment focuses on transportation, congestion and the ongoing MARTA debacle. Here's a few quotes:

Question: Do you support the current transportation legislation (which awaits Gov. Perdue's approval) for transportation taxing referendums in 12 state districts? Why or why not?

David Montané - Libertarian
At issue is whether to add another point to our 7% sales tax. Two goals are evident: a desire to reduce commute times and a wish for more public transportation.
In my view, only gasoline taxes should support road projects. D.O.T. should prioritize road projects based on public safety. When the state spends tax funds to reduce commute times, commuters move further from work. The volume of traffic increases and the pace speeds up, but commute times stay the same.
DeKalb and Fulton sales taxes already subsidize MARTA with a "penny tax", about $500 per household, to support this monopoly business. Sales taxes are regressive, so the poor pay a higher percentage of income for MARTA anyway!
Yet MARTA still bleeds money, is unsafe, often behind schedule and must reduce bus routes. AmTrak is similar, costing the country $3 Billion this year alone. High-speed rail will be AmTrak on steroids!

Be sure to head over and check the drivel from Jason Carter and the rest of the field. Like we said before, David Montané gets it

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