Friday, April 16, 2010

Libertarian David Chastain Writes a Letter

A Letter to My Republican Activist Friends

This is a shorter version of a message to a friend who's been a trooper in advancing the "ideals" of the Republican Party. I share this abridged version in the hopes of provoking a little introspective thought. - DC

It appears your premise is that the GOP is a party of the individual and should have a monopoly on public policy. This is the problem with politics. The GOP needs to split apart and America needs multiple political parties that offer REAL choices. Lobbyists and major campaign contributors (Big Money) have greater influence over elected officials than voters. The institutionalized myth of a "two-party system" is emblematic of "divide and conquer" in that the Big Money has divided and conquered the majority into two major groups of voters . Should voters successfully establish more than three active, national parties, Big Money should be divided and conquered.

Our elected representatives from the Georgia Republican Party are no better than the iconic Urban Welfare Queen, with multiple kids, food stamps, welfare checks and free school lunches. She is doing what she can to bring in her share of Federal Money. Let's call these Gold Dome Demagogues Republican Welfare Cows (a female elephant is a cow). After all, taxing hospital beds is just a way to bring more Federal dollars into the state. But this attitude has been there all along - just never exhibited so concisely.

My study of Republican history finds a party that from the beginning never cared for individual freedom. Its leaders killed Indians to condemn land for transcontinental railroads, supporting mercantilism. It is a party that honors a president that suspended habeas corpus, denied due process to his jailed critics and mounted a war to countermand the secession clause of the Constitution. Why? Because Republicans believed in government monopolies and not free markets. Republicans have indicated by public policy that they prefer managed economies.

As long as folks focus on GOP reform and not real political reform, you will continue to see the operatives of statism capturing the power they crave from an ignorant constituency. Their quests do not benefit the average American. Rather, the average American is their useful tool, craving more government benefits in exchange for liberty.

The economy is getting ready to go over the edge. This will lead to more fear and anger that will be the driving emotions influencing voters in the elections. A GOP majority will be no better. Our Georgia Legislature has shown us what to expect of a Congress similarly configured. So, where is the hope?

I know I am ranting, but I want a legacy of liberty for my children and grand children, not a freedom that changes daily due to the political whims of a relative few.

I value your friendship and respect, and believe your heart is in the right place. However, after years of standing on the sidelines and observing the actions of the Democrats and Republicans, with their empty promises and underwhelming results, I have to speak up occasionally. And I keep hoping others will share my concern.

Peace & Liberty,


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