Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Insurance Commissioner Update as of 27 APR 10

Two more republicans jumped into the race for Insurance Commissioner today.

Here are the FNG's:

Tom Knox republican 90K in the kitty
Stephen Dale Northington republican $9,400 in the kitty

And here's the crew from yesterday's qualifying:

Rick Collum republican no report filed at the State Ethics Commission
Seth Harp republican 37K in the kitty
Ralph T. Hudgens republican 260K in the kitty
John Mamalakis republican $8,800 bucks on hand. I feel ya John.
Maria Sheffield republican 144K in the kitty
Mary Squires democrat 64K in the kitty

So there are now 7 republican's running worth a combined total of $549,200, the lone democrat Mary Squires with 64K, and of course, little old me. I proudly hold the anchor man position for lack of funding at the moment and as soon as I get done supporting Libertarian David Montané in his race for State Senate 42 here in Decatur, I'll see what can be done.

By tomorrow there should be another republican or two in the mix and hopefully at least one more democrat. Ain't qualifying fun!

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