Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have the Democrats found a Candidate for Labor Commissioner?

Pins and Needles time folks,

Looks like the democrat party here in Georgia has succeeded in dredging up a candidate willing to face off against Libertarian Will Costa for Labor Commissioner after all. According to the fine folks over at Peaches in Regalia, former rep Terry Coleman has heard the siren call and is testing the waters, scrutinizing squirrel entrails and consulting with Madam Zelda in Decatur about entering the race. OK, they didn't mention the squirrel entrails or Madam Zelda but here at Bludgeon & Skewer we think Terry should give that a shot as well. Last we heard waters don't vote and Madam Zelda was pretty spot on in 2008, be advised she does not work for free but accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and cash. No checks.

We were hoping for a Labor Commish contest sans democrat to heighten the odds of Will Costa besting John Monds vote total in the 2008 PSC run against republican H. Doug Everett, but if it's gonna be a three way race, it's gonna be a three way race. Since there's one democrat hoping to cherry pick the Labor Commissioner slot, maybe there's two! After all republican Mark what's his name decided to horn in on Melvin Everson's action and contest the republican primary at the last minute, so maybe Terry will pick up a competitor as well.

That would be cool, both parties fighting a vicious, costly primary just to see who gets the nod to run in the fall against Libertarian Will Costa.

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