Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Senator Lee Hawkins is Bailing Too!


First it's Rep. Graves hitting the silk to run for Nathan "Stinky" Deal's old seat and now State Senator Lee Hawkins and his jacket have left the building. And that means (Drum roll please) Another Special Election! This is for State Senate District 49 up in Gainesville and it should coincide time wise with the special planned for the 12th House seat.

Where's the 49th?

So now we have to try to find a candidate to run in State Senate 49 while we're helping Libertarian David Montané move Liberty to the goal line in the race in the 42nd as well as locate a candidate for the House District 12 and get that contest up to speed. To say we're stretched thin at the moment is an understatement.

And so we turn to the readership to aid and assist us in our quest to put a Libertarian in the Statehouse. If any of you know of a likely Liberty Candidate that can stomach running a short campaign against incredible odds with little or no outside funding please have them contact us. The State LP will pay your filing fees but after that you're on your own hook. If you've ever wanted a soapbox to stand on, here's your opportunity. Be advised that this is truly a limited time offer.

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