Friday, March 19, 2010

Senate Bill 406 Online Voter Registration Clears the Senate

Greetings All,

SB 406 has cleared the Senate and heads over to the House for consideration. This bill seeks to implement online voter registration in Georgia which is a good thing. It ought to be simpler to properly maintain your right to vote as you move from one location in Georgia to another without having to go through the current hassle of running hither and yon to update your residency info. So kudos to the Senate for writing a piece of Legislation to bumps Georgia a little closer to the 21st Century.

While we're at it, why not allow Georgians to sign petitions for third party candidates online? It's a similar process to online voter registration and since it looks like HB 1257 is going to die in committee this session, that would be a suitable consolation prize for Liberty. If online petitioning were a reality in Georgia then the single largest obstacle to more choices on the ballot would be reduced to a manageable size.

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