Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Libertarian Party is Huntin' Lawyers!

Hey Kids,

The Georgia LP is looking to add another candidate to it's growing slate this fall and Bludgeon & Skewer co-founder Chris Barber is hot on the trail. If any of the readership is of the legal persuasion and wouldn't mind taking a shot at Attourney General for Georgia, drop Chris a line and let's get started!

Here's the original letter:

$ 250,000.00 worth of advertising
Free !

For the right attorney this could be a jackpot in this new economy. Allow me to explain we don’t have that many attorneys in the party, and what we have they all seem to be pretty busy. I mean after all, they are LIBERTARIANS.

I need a candidate for Attorney General for the Great State of Georgia.

1.) Must meet all the requirements set for forth by the Georgia Secretary of State.
2.) Consider oneself a Libertarian or Libertarian leaning.
3.) Absolutely No Republicans
4.) Must be “pro” 2nd amendment, jury nullification, and 10th amendment.

If you believe that everyone deserves equal justice under the law, regardless of their skin color, sexual preference, brand of Christianity or lack thereof, Contact Me. If you believe the outsourcing of AG’s work to large firms who in turn donate heavily to AG candidates is repugnant, Contact Me. If you believe that city and county governments are ridden with
corruption Contact Me.

We have a winning strategy, reply in complete confidence to

Yours In Liberty
Christopher Barber

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