Thursday, March 11, 2010

Libertarian Chuck Donovan on the US Census

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Here's the latest from Chuck Donovan, Libertarian candidate for the US Senate here in Georgia. The topic du jour is the US Census that we've all been waiting for with bated breath, like we've never been through one before. This time they want to know how many flat screen TV's are in each household and if your XBox Live subscription is up to date. There are rumors that the census takers will also be asking about how many internet avatars you use, their profiles and your average daily bandwidth consumption (ADBC). OK, OK, we made that last part up, sort of.

Here's Chuck latest from his website:

My Census Letter Arrived Yesterday To Tell Me My Census Would Soon Arrive

Why is it that with the largest number of federal employees ever devoted to a Census; in a year when we are already trillions of dollars in debt; with a media filled with stories on the Census; why did I receive a letter from the Federal Government yesterday to tell me that I would soon receive a Census form? How many millions did this silly letter cost us?

Why also, did it have six different languages on it? When my grandmother arrived here from Italy she was 10 years old and only spoke Italian. When my wife moved here from Europe, she was an adult who had only spent one year of her life living in an English speaking country. Both of them knew that they would have to speak and read English or not fully participate in the United States experience. Why are United States taxpayers footing the bill for language translation services?

Don't try to paint me as xenophobic. In my house, there are three languages being studied and spoken. I regularly and happily visit my wife's family in Europe. In the course of my work I visit many different countries on every continent except Antarctica. I could fly domestically only. I chose international flying. I love experiencing different cultures. I also love my own country. We Americans can be open and compassionate. We can also be assertive.

It isn't easy to leave your country and immigrate to another, but the decision to make such a big move cannot include the expectation of taxpayer financing in any way. There is a way to support immigrants. It is not a way that includes expanding the government and increasing the tax bill.

When are we going to get some "leadership" in Washington willing to say what should be said? When will the so-called "representatives" actually make the difficult decisions?

Two words solve the whole problem. Vote Libertarian!

The mission is freedom.
The vision is now.

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