Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Libertarian Candidate For State School Superintendent Kira Willis on the Issues

Hey You Kids,

Libertarian Candidate for State School Superintendent Kira Willis looks at some of the issues in the race for the next School Super. From her website:


ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability not only for teachers but also for students, parents, educational systems and politicians. What was once a partnership between the school and home has become a disenfranchised blame game. Parents have been disregarded by the schools and the state as irrelevant to their children's education. All parents have both a right and a responsibility to their children's schooling. I can't think of any parent who does not want his child to succeed. As State School Superintendent, I want to help mend the bridge between the school and the home. This means having parents accountable for their children coming to school ready to learn. It means that parents must help the school in teaching their young people. The others who are accountable in children's education are:Teachers, Students, Schools and Communities. If one of these groups is not held accountable for student learning, then we fail our young people.

It's time for all of us to take ownership of our children's education!

BUDGET: We must take our educational system in Georgia seriously. It's time to ensure that the educational budget is used to effectively teach students on all levels. I will work to eliminate positions that have little or no contact with students, thereby increasing the individual school budget. I will then stay within the confines of the budget so that both students and teachers benefit.

COMMUNITY: We need to give the schools back to their communities! What's best for students in Atlanta may not be best for students in Rome or Valdosta. Our job as educators is to ensure that we are teaching students to reach a specific standard of learning, not to ensure that we teach them exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. Who knows better how to teach students: the state or the teachers within community itself? Taking away the community school was a disservice to the students and to the school community. We must give the schools back to the communities!

We hope to see Kira at the next meeting of the DeKalb LP affiliate at the end of the month, come on out and meet the next State School Superintendent of Georgia!

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