Sunday, March 7, 2010

John Monds Hits the Bull's-Eye at Appleseed

Hey Kids,

Libertarian Candidate for Governor John Monds spent Saturday with the fine folks from the Appleseed Program honing his marksmanship skills at an event in Hawkinsville, Georgia. At the end of the session John scored a 200 on his AQT target. Good shooting John.

For those of you that are not familiar with the Appleseed program, it's a rifle marksmanship training group that focuses on the skill sets needed to successfully hit 20" wide targets out to 500 yards. This is the Rifleman's Quarter Mile that US troopers in the earliest parts of our history were famed for. It's a distinctly American Tradition springing from the necessities of frontier living that translated into victory in places like Kings Mountain, the Battle of New Orleans and produced hero's like Alvin York.

And the best part of the Appleseed Program is that it's taught by guys that want to pass on this part of our American heritage to the next generation. And make sure that the long line of American Riflemen that truly own that Quarter Mile continues into the future.

We urge the readership to visit their site and get the whole story on this remarkable group. If you belong to range or Gun Club here in Georgia, set up an Appleseed event of your own!

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