Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Extra Official, Libertarian Brandon Givens has Qualified for the Special Election for State Senate District 49!

What a Day,

It's not often here in LibertyLand that we get to see two Libertarian Candidates qualify for two State Senate races in a mere 30 minutes. Libertarians Brandon Givens of Gainesville and David Montané of Decatur filled out their paperwork and plunked down da money to secure their spots on the ballot for the 11 May 2010 election.

It's the kind of thing that should be happening every cycle here in Georgia but it just can't as long as the the republicans and democrats at the State Capitol continue to ignore the voices of freedom and condemn Georgian's to abiding by the 1943 Jim Crow Ballot access laws currently constituting the law of the land. It's a grim game of privilege, preference and elitism as our duly elected politicians make sure there are no threats to their continued grip on power, even from those wacky Libertarians.

So here's the dealio, these two candidates are running about as lean a political campaign as you can. They are are short on staff, short on dollars and face an almost impossible task bringing Liberty into the political process. And yet, they are there at the starting gate getting ready for a mad dash of a four week campaign to try to influence the future for the better. They need your help. And they need it today.

Call them, hit their FaceBook pages or websites and volunteer your time or your treasure to help them change Georgia. It's time to take Liberty for a Test Ride!

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