Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bludgeon & Skewer Head to the Shootin' Range with Libertarian Chuck Donovan and Libertarian David Montané

Lock and Load Time Kids,

It's a beautiful spring day, the sun in shining, the birds are singing and sweetness and light pervade the universe as a warm glow comes over Libertarians across the the land. Time to go Shootin'!

So it's off to River Bend Gun Club with Libertarian US Senate Candidate Chuck Donovan and Libertarian State Senate Candidate David Montané for a mid morning session on the steel target range followed up by some long gun work over on the 100 yard range. The wonderful thing about the outdoor range experience is that you don't get claustrophobic being jammed into a narrow shooting stall with shooters of unknown capabilities to your right and on your left. And on a light use day like a Wednesday, the awesome facilities at River Bend are mostly deserted. Perfect!

We started out with some familiarization drills on the steel target range with a wide variety of 22's, .25, 32 cal, 9mm, 40 S&W, 38 spl, 45 colt and even a 7.62x25. After banging off a few rounds we devised a series of short matches to try to define who the best pistol shot of the crew was and lo and behold Top Honors were taken by Libertarian David Montané due to some really wicked weak hand skills.

We'll post up the informal match results in a later post as the match rules got really complicated with as many as 4 weapons changes and position changes as the match evolved. Sad to say that none of the participants was able to over come the last event of the pistol match, The Pine Cone Challenge.

Naturally, exercising your 2nd amendment rights stirs the fires of Liberty which tends to promote a little speechifying from candidates. Chuck Donovan got fired up and gave us a short treatise on history and trust. This guy gets it.

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