Friday, March 26, 2010

The Ballot Access Wake Starts at 8PM Today

It's sack cloth and ashes time kids,

It was a promising beginning for Liberty earlier this session as four separate bills were introduced in the Georgia Legislature that addressed our fair states draconian ballot access laws and offered some relief to the citizens of this state. Alas and alack, all four were kept bottled up in committee and were never sent to the floor for a vote and so they will die today as the legislature plows through cross over day.

Here's a list of the bills that got strangled in the crib:

House Bill 1141 by Rep. Booby Reese and Rep. Neal Jay.

House Bill 1257 by Reps. Alan Powell, Tom McCall, Mark Hatfield and “Rusty” Kidd.

House Bill 1425 by Rep. Stephanie Benfield and Rep. John Lunsford.

Senate Bill 359 by Sen. David Shafer.

Each of these bills had their merits and any one of them would have been a giant step forward for Liberty in Georgia but none of them got out of committee. Why? And what can be done to improve their chances for next year?

One thing stands out as a means of sending a message our politicians will hear. Vote for David Montané, the Libertarian Candidate running in the Special Election for Georgia State Senate District 42. It's incendiary, revolutionary and will change some behaviors and attitudes down at the State House. If you want to take action for Liberty, Vote Libertarian!

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