Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the Ballot Access Bill Winner is: HB 1257!

Hey Kids,

The Ballot Access Bill waltz continues down to the statehouse as two competing bills continue to languish in their respective committees. As we discussed here at Bludgeon and Skewer way back on 19 FEB 10, the giant Post-It Note flow chart indicates that HB 1257 offers the most Freedom for the Buck and after Monday's disappointing non-meeting on HB 1141, it looks like HB 1257 is the bill to back.

The sad part is that the scuttle and buttle on the house side is that no matter which bill you prefer, neither HB 1141 or HB 1257 is going to get out of committee. There's just to much wrangling going on over which slice of the population in Georgia is gonna get tagged as "You're It!" to bail us out of the current declining revenue problem. Will it be sick people? Will it be the hated Cigarette Smoker? Are College Kids on the chopping block? Somebody's gonna get screwed for the greater good. And deciding who that will be means there's no time for Liberty for Georgians.

So kudos to Rep Alan Powell (D) 29th house district, Rep Culver Kidd (?) 141st district, Rep Mark Hatfield (R) 177th district and Rep Tom McCall (R) 3oth district for having the stones to introduce this bill. Any one in the readership have any ideas on how to get this puppy out of committee?

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