Thursday, March 25, 2010

AJC's Political Insider Suffers Another Research Breakdown

Jeeze Louise,

Big Jim Galloway over at the Political Insider suffered another research breakdown today in the Morning Jolt when he mentioned both democrat Jason Carter and democrat Tom Stubbs in a District 42 special election update and once again forgot to mention Libertarian David Montané. Oh the Humanity!

Once more we've had to correct this journalistic oversight and just for kicks, we'd really like to see the readership flex their typing fingers and head over here and post a comment or two. Be advised the comment trail is quite long and a bit of a dreary read so you might want to skip to the end. Consider this an experiment, sort of an internet flash mob that doesn't ask you to get in your car and go somewhere. But before you go, head over to the sidebar and help some deserving Georgia Politician spend some of their campaign cash! It's the quick and easy way to influence the political scene in Georgia right now!

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