Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stirrin' The Pot at the AJC

Hey Kids,

Big Jim Galloway just up a pretty blatant Pro Handel piece over at The Political Insider. The best part was the inclusion of a Handel Campaign Memo that tries to spin this latest Poll as a total victory for Team Handel. We like the last line of the memo that promises to spend every campaign dollar received from today forward on voter contact, you know, TV and direct mail crap.

We had to put in our two cents, be sure to head over and add to the festive atmosphere as the Handel sock puppets do battle with the Ox and his crew. And somebody say something nice about "Stinky" Deal. But before you do, put on your activist hat and click on some of the political ads on the sidebar. It's the best way in the world to impact somebody's campaign today!

Greetings All,

We've fired up the old spin machine here at the Secret Underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC) and are happy to provide the readership with a completely different take on the latest Rasmussen Poll on the Governors race here in the great State of Georgia. The most interesting aspect of this latest poll is the growing strength of "Some Other Candidate" as well as the ever popular "Not Sure". These two worthy's garnered 17% of the the respondents in the Oxendine/Barnes match up, 21% in the Deal/Barnes match up, 19% in the Handel/Barnes match up and to a high of 26% in the Johnston/Barnes match up.

Compared to the 21 JAN Rasmussen poll, "Some Other Candidate" and "Not Sure" are steamrolling to victory with a 3% gain in the Oxendine /Barnes match up, a 6% gain in the Deal/Barnes match up and 4% gain in the Handel/Barnes match up. Candidate Johnson did not make the cut in the January poll.

The coolest part of all of this is that "Some Other Candidate" is actually Libertarian John Monds. Look as hard as you can this November and you will not find "Some other Candidate" listed on the ballot for the Governor of Georgia. The only candidate you will certainly see is Libertarian John Monds.

If you want Governor who is not ethically challenged, then Vote for John Monds. If you want a Governor who is not in the back pocket of the various and sundry Lobbyist groups pillaging Georgia, then Vote for John Monds. If you want a Governor who will listen to your concerns and take action, then Vote John Monds.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian John Monds for Governor!

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