Monday, February 22, 2010

Libertarian Kira Willis Declares for Georgia State Superintendent of Schools!

Huge News Kids,

According to Jeff Sexton over at SWGA Politics there is now a Libertarian in the race for State School Superintendent! Kira Willis has decided to take the plunge and enter the race for Georgia State Superintendent of Schools this year. She faces a crowded field of republican and democrat aspirants for office, of course by the time the primaries are over there will be one democrat, one republican and Kira Willis on the ballot this fall. Here's a list of the current competition:

Democrat Beth Farokhi is sitting on around $30,000.
Democrat Brian Westlake has about $5,300 in the campaign hope chest.
Democrat Jeffrey L. Scott has about $3000 in his pocket.
Democrat John Barge has filed his DOI, no campaign cash reports.
Democrat Sandra Suetta Cannon Scott, fresh off the campaign trial from the recent State Senate District 22 special election in Augusta, has not filed a a financial disclosure report.

Republican Cathy Cox (Incumbent) had about $38,000 on hand as of 31 DEC 09.
Republican Rodger Hines has about $3,500 in the old Campaign Coffee Can.
Republican Richard Woods has $2,900 in folding money.

So there you have it, five democrats and three republicans will spend the next few months beating each other about the head and shoulders over which one of them will progress to the fall election. Kira Willis will spend that time building her base and honing her message to change education in Georgia for the better.

In the meantime, head over to her site at: and drop a dollar or two on her donate button. We've also added her to our list of Georgia Libertarian Candidates over on the sidebar.

Welcome aboard Kira, let us know what we can do to help make sure you're the next Georgia Superintendent of Schools!

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