Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Georgia's Libertarian Party Nabs Major Headline over at Gold Dome Live!

Hey Kids,

Looks like Ga LP Prez Danny Adams and Legislative Director Jason Pye have landed major earned media for the Georgia LP and Senator Shafer's bill on Ballot Access Reform. Nice to see the metro Atlanta media paying attention to the activities of the Libertarian party and nicer to see Georgia's Libertarian Party swinging the hammer for change. Senator Shafer's bill is still in the Ethics Committee and needs to get sent to the floor for a vote.

So now that we're inside the media cycle, it's time to start emailing and calling the committee members and urge them to move the bill on. Here's the committee:

Committee Members
Moody, Dan (R-SS 56) Chairman
Hooks, George (D-SS 14) Vice Chairman
Crosby, John (R-SS 13) Secretary
Butler, Gloria S. (D-SS 55) Member
Douglas, John (R-SS 17) Member
Hamrick, Bill (R-SS 30) Member
Hill, Jack (R-SS 04) Member
Jackson, Lester G. (D-SS 02) Member
Stoner, Doug (D-SS 06) Member
Thomas, Don (R-SS 54) Member

You can copy and paste this link to the Senate website and voice your support for this important legislation:

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