Friday, February 12, 2010

Democrat Tom Stubbs has unleashed the Hounds of Hell with Robo Calls in the 42nd!

Big News Kids,

Libertarian Candidate David Montané has just reported that he got a RoBo Call from the Tom Stubbs campaign right here in Decatur! Evidently Tom has a surplus of yard signs the campaign is looking to deploy to counteract the Jason Carter Juggernaut and is using RoBo Tech to efficiently scour the 42nd for supporters using one of America'a most beloved primary contact methods.

Not that we can blame him, who in hell is going to go door to door in the middle of the current Snowpocalypse? Not us, we're lounging about the secret underground Libertarian Command Center smoking cigars and coveting all that white bread, toilet paper and beer we laid in for the long weekend. More power to you Tom!

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