Monday, February 15, 2010

The DeKalb LP is Planning a Debate for the Candidates in the 42nd District Special Election!

Hey Kids,

The DeKalb Libertarian Party affiliate is planning to hold a debate for the candidates running to replace Bundlin' Dave Adelman in the 42nd district in Decatur! The whole thing is tenative at the moment but the busy guys and gals of the LP in DeKalb are arranging a suitable venue to hold this event. Rest assured that it will not take place in a dreary hotel ballroom or some desiccated sound stage at the local cable TV studio. If you elect to attend you will be able to order a refreshing adult beverage and actually participate by asking your own questions after the formal debate has concluded.

Moderator nominations are being mulled over and if you have any suggestions, feel free to toss 'em out there. At the moment there is a strong "ask Thomas Wheatley over at Fresh Loaf to crack the whip" clique, if he's up for it and the DeKalb LP can afford him. What is the current market rate for debate moderators anyway?

The debate will be all inclusive for any candidate running in the 42nd regardless of fundraising status. If you're on the ballot, you will be invited to this unique event. And if you're invited to the event as a candidate but decline to attend due to conflicts with hair washing, fundraising or campaigning, your seat on the dais will be occupied by a cabbage head complete with a placard displaying your name.

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