Monday, February 8, 2010

Bludgeon & Skewer are sold on Senator Shafer's Senate Bill 359!

Hi Kids,

We're sold on Senator Shafer's Ballot Access Bill and have decided to pitch in on the effort to move it out of committee and onto the floor this session. Impossible you say? Probably. But that doesn't mean you can't send emails to the members of the Senate Ethics Committee urging them to get this important piece of legislation to the top of the heap. Here are the people that need to hear from you on this:

Committee Members
Moody, Dan (R-SS 56) Chairman
Hooks, George (D-SS 14) Vice Chairman
Crosby, John (R-SS 13) Secretary
Butler, Gloria S. (D-SS 55) Member
Douglas, John (R-SS 17) Member
Hamrick, Bill (R-SS 30) Member
Hill, Jack (R-SS 04) Member
Jackson, Lester G. (D-SS 02) Member
Stoner, Doug (D-SS 06) Member
Thomas, Don (R-SS 54) Member

You can slide over the the Senate Ethics committee web site by and follow the links to let the Ethics Committee members know your thoughts on SB 359. Remember to write early and write often, don't let this bill die in committee.

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