Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Take on Libertarian David Chastain's recent Appearance at the Georgia Christian Alliance!

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Here's another view of Libertarian David Chastain's recent appearance over at the Georgia Christian Alliance from the indefatigable Garland Favorito, publisher of the VoterGa website and longtime voter's rights champion here in the great state of Georgia. Mr. Favorito's website is listed on the sidebar and we urge the readership to take a few moments to visit it and catch up on the latest outrages here in Georgia and support Mr. Favorito's important work.

Here's an excerpt from the latest VoterGa News List:

David Chastain Stuns Opponents with Audience Question
On Saturday Feb. 6 the Georgia Christian Alliance, headed by Sadie Fields, held open debates for all candidates running for a variety of offices. Also included were brief comments from most of the Georgia leadership team and some U.S. Congressional officeholders. Many Democrats make the mistake of bypassing these debates because they think it is too close to a Republican love fest, however, those who do attend are typically well received.

The debate for Secretary of State, the office of VoterGA concern, included the new secretary, Brian Kemp, Republican challenger Doug MacGinnitie and Libertarian David Chastain. Brian had a large group of supporters present while Doug, on his home turf of Sandy Springs, had an even larger group present.

While Brian and Doug made the typical pro-life, pro family, Republican opening statements that have little to do with the functions of the Secretary of State, David Chastain took a different tact. In his opening statement when he asked: “I would like to see a show of hands as to how many people think that the Diebold voting machines are accurately recording all of your votes?” In a full auditorium of about 300 people, NO ONE RAISED THEIR HANDS! David said: “That’s right” and went on to present some of his research he had completed about blank voted ballots that were not counted. It was clear to me that Secretary Kemp was stunned since he is responsible for conducting elections.
AJC columnist, Jim Galloway started the questioning by asking about the Voter ID issue. David Chastain concluded the responses to the question by posing his own question, asking why are we spending so much time and money out of concern for a handful of documented cases regarding possible Voter ID fraud but are not concerned when thousands of votes may not be counted accurately or at all.
Jim Galloway responded to David’s question by asking if the voting machines are trustworthy and Brian Kemp replied that: “The voting machines are trustworthy.” He went on to explain that he had travelled the state and did not think the people believe that the machines are an issue but if the Legislature wanted to fund new equipment he would implement it.

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